Male Yorkies, yorkshire terriers.

Male Yorkies
Yorkie males
"Cart's Kajun Rory "
Male Yorkie
Blue and Gold
6 lbs
Sire: Hylan Diva's Remington Blue Steel
Dam: Daisy Mae Crow

The Females
Miss Dee Dee female yorkies
"Precious Miss DeeDee"
Female Yorkie
June 23, 2012
5 1/2  lbs
Sire: CoCo (Chocolate AKC & CKC and DNA by AKC)
Dam: Steppin N' Style Miss Parti I'm Baby (Parti CKC)
Miss DeeDee is just beautiful with a mixture of highlights .She is very special to me , there is a beautiful story behind this SweetHeart and I cherish her Dearly.
honey - yorkie
"Honey Dew"
Female Yorkie
Sire: Copper Tan
Dam: Mia Grace
Precious Yorkies
17320 Poley Ridge Road
Livingston, LA 70754