yorkie growth chart

This Chart is used for estimating adult weight only. There is no 100% accurate way to determine the exact adult weight of any puppy.
This gives you a base to start from. We have had puppy's weigh as much as 36 ounces at 8 weeks old, yet hardly reach 5 pounds fully grown.
As well as a puppy that weighed a mere 14 ounces at 11 weeks old & she grew to be nearly 5 pounds.
So please keep this in mind when reading & using these charts; they are meant as a guide only

Here are the steps to follow in order to figure out your Yorkie’s full grown weight.

  1. Weigh your Yorkie puppy and then convert that weight ounces. Remember, 1 lb = 16 oz
    Example: 2 lbs 4 oz. = (2 x 16) +4 oz = 36 oz.
  2. Find your Yorkie’s Age on the left hand column .Example: 13 weeks old
  3. Next, move to the right of the chart horizontally until you find your puppies current weight that you calculated in step 1.
  4. Last, scroll down to the very bottom of the chart to see your Yorkie’s full grown weight. In this example, my Yorkie would be 4.5 lbs full grown.
puppy growth chart
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