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Hello I am Pat and this is Oakley my first Yorkie I brought her from Gwen Peters I fell in love with the Yorkies , now I have traditionals, goldens, chocolate's & parti Yorkies Hi my name is Mercy, Gracie & I are sisters , Both of our parents are Parti-Carriers Hi I am Gracie, yep I am Mercy's sister
Hi I'm Daisy & have retired from having babies. But keep a look out for Maggie Mae & Sissy they are my babies & soon will have beautiful babies of their own. I will be one happy Grandmother !! We are here three boys & one female 5 weeks old !!! Two Females & Three Males Holiday & Mr. Parti are our parents aren't we just Precious yep Precious Yorkies that's us we're Steppin up in Style
I am the male quite handsome don't you think . I will be going home with Trey soon I am Zowie, a L.S.U. fan can't you tell. I live with Amy now, She thinks I am special, I tell you a secret don't tell, I think she is special too!!!! LouLou & Marshall are my parents Thank You Dusty & Tyler for adding Zoey to part of your family. Zoey is a Full Chocolate Yorkie & her parents are CupCake & CoCo. Zoey has falen in love with her new family and she is spoiled rotten !
Hi my name is Lucas.Quiet handsome don't you think. I live with Josh now, I am one spoil brat, can't you tell. Mia & Little B are my parents Hey I got a new friend her name is Lilly boy she sure is pretty !!!! Hi my name is Lilly I live with Josh and Lucas now yep Josh had to have another puppy for Lucas to play with and that's me . I am so excited about my new home and my new friend Lucas. My parents are Snook and Mr. Parti Hi I am Ziggy , I belong to Angelina now, she is cute just like me & boy does she love me. can't you tell. I sure did get a great home!!! Rainbow & Mr.Parti are my parents
Hi There my name is Ella. I live with the Edwards and boy do I get lots of hugs & kisses. Angel & Bear are my parents Hello my name is Remington, I got the looks quite handsome don't you think !!! I am happy as can be in my great new home with Janet in Texas . My Parents are Sassy & Play that Fiddle,. Hi I am Buster Oriana & Mr. Parti are my parents I live with Sonya and her family now. All I can say is I am one rotten dude !!!
Hi there I am Duece yep and that is RJ holding me I can't wait to go home with him we were bonded from the start Hey we are Saints Fans , RJ and I will be playing some ball Hi I am Juicy and you can see I get a lot of loving yep we are some cute gals It's me Juicy Bella & Lewis are my parents , I am at my new home now boy they dress me in style
Hi my name is Missy I live with Trenisha & Montrell now. Don't you love my pink bow,!!! I'm happy as can be & I love going riding in the car & nothing like a sip good cool water !!!! !!!! Hi my name is Diva Nicole , boy am I loved, I just fit right in , my job is giving lots of kisses hee hee It's me Diva again in my new dress , did you see me in the picture with my new family , I just love my new name Diva Nicole Jones !!!!
Hi Duce is my name & Jacob is my best friend, we play ball together & I tell him all my secrets. We wrestle on the floor & play I'm glad I have Jacob to play with, he really loves me & boy do I love him . I live with the Hodges now, they have children , boy was I excited to know that I have someone to play with, give kisses too & just lay back . I just fell in love with the Hodges the moment they held me!!!! Hi my name is Minnie, I live with Meg now, I just love her, I'm just chilling out in my new home. Mia is my mom & Rory is my Dad
Hi my new name is Mardi I live with Sherry now, she gives me plenty of hugs & kisses!!! Look she dresses me with style. Snook & Mr. Parti are my parents It's me Luna I live with Tanna in Carencro, La. I am spoiled rotten & doing great ! My weight is 2.5 lbs. Oriano & Little Blackie are my parents It's me Zoey I'm Luna's Sister & I live in Marksville, La. with MaryAnn. I am a sweet, loving & wonderfully tempered girl. I weigh around 2.5 lbs. Oriano & Little Blackie are my parents too !
Hi my name is DeeDee. My parents are Trixie & Rory, I live with Nicole now and boy does she dress me well. I just love her so much !!! Hi I'm Maggie Mae my parents are Baby & Coco I live with Mandy and her family now. I weigh only 31/2 but I have lots of love to share & I just love playing with the kids, I just fit in part of the family that's me. Hi my name is Piper I live with the Robinson's they are truly a joy and I am a very loved member of their family
Hi everyone Sissy is my name. My parents are Baby & Coco. I live with Jessica, John, Maddie & Austin. I got the best home ever !!! Braxton is my name. Daisy & Lewis are my Parents. I going home with Jessica & John . See Sissy next to me well she already lives with Jessica & John boy are we going tail gating together hee hee Hi my name is Cindabella they call me "Bella" I tell you a secret I am a little girl. I got the greatest home . My parents are Mercy & Little Man
Hi it's me "Bella" again see me in the buggy, talking about spoiled that I am !!!! Hi my name is Rowdy, Mia & Rory are my parents. Boy did I get a great home, check out my new buddies, they are so sweet and they love me. I am one happy Yorkie !!! Hey Pat , I just wanted you know to about Rory's & Mia's puppy, I named him Keno & he doing great. The sweetest little puppy & so loving. You were right about them not being to hyper. I just love him .Bev Stiglets Hattiesburg, Ms.
Hi Mrs. Pat wanted to let you know how Zoey was. She is a beautiful girl! She is petite just a little over 3 pounds. She has no health issuel and is a perky, nosy, guard dog, little busy body lol! INCREDIBLY spoiled! Oriana & Little Blackie are parents Hello My name is Boogie, I live with Brandi & I boogie all over the floor following her. She just spoils me & I am so loved!!! Hi Mrs Pat! I just wanted to let you know that after all this time Boogie is still my world! We love him so much and can't thank you enough for him! The amount of joy he has brought into our lives I can't explain! Boogie weighs 3 lbs! Thanks Brandi
Hi I'm Bentley, Bianca & her family brought me when I was just a pup, Dec. 10, 2010 I made three years old, I am a big boy now and boy have they spoiled me, I love my family so much !!! Nugget & Daisy are my parents. Hi everyone wanted you to know I have been placed in a Pet Home with Robbie & she is my best friend & spoils me rotten, love her so much !! Give my babies all a hug & Kiss from me.  
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